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The seemless rounded top offers better aerodynamics and protection from the rain, preventing water damage that affects many of the flat-top trailers. More importantly, the shop that did the CNC work hit the chambers with their mill and reshaped them into what they believed to be a better design.

The smaller the tube, the harder it is to force a large volume of air through it. All these angles, widths, and dimensions can be modified for increased performance.

Join us in celebrating the vintage camper culture. The arrows indicate the direction of air and fuel travel as it enters the chamber. Now take something like a leaf blower and try to push as much air as possible through that long, skinny tube. Their site can be found here. Unbiased Plan Comparison We offer hundreds of unbiased plan comparisons from only the best travel insurance companies in the industry.

They remain very popular with vintage travel trailer restorers and collectors. The charging handle is located on the right side of the receiver.

Then look at the exhaust flow figures and compare them to the intake flow figures. When I got them back, the port volume had increased by 12cc and dry airflow dropped off at the bottom of the lift curve, but it picked back up at the top, surpassing the original set.

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Later models included openable square windows to improve air flow. But raised port heads also require a properly matched raised port intake.

Current M4A1 carbine with detachable carrying handle. He produced a set of heads that he was very proud of and handed them back to his customer. Anyway, I bolted the heads back onto the same engine, went back to the same dyno, and retested it with no other changes at all.

Right now, your heads probably don't flow enough, but you still might need smaller heads anyway. On average, a properly set-up engine can make about 2 horsepower for every 1 cfm of dry intake port airflow. Not a huge amount, about 2. There are small-block race heads out there with plus-cc intake ports and bigblocks way over cc, but those are way out of our league for real street power.

This typically creates "swirl," which has been determined to be a good thing in combustion chambers. They all get bigger from here. Because recoil does not significantly shift the point of aim, faster follow-up shots are possible and user fatigue is reduced.

Big-block Chevys have had it since their birth, which might explain why a stock oval-port big-block head can flow just about as much as many race small-block heads. Also, leaving the bolt open for as long as possible aids in cooling and prevent cartridges from " cooking off.

After reloading, the bolt-stop is pushed, the bolt-carrier-assembly is released, and the rifle is chambered and ready to fire.

Comparison of the AK-47 and M16

Also, pay close attention to the low-lift flow figures, because that's where your engine spends twice as much time as it does at max lift. You'll find the pressure drops at its other end. Ways To Improve Performance Without Porting While new heads are cool, there are other ways to improve power using the heads you already have.

Click here to learn what coverage you need. What we found was that just by performing a threeangle valve job along with adding a degree throat cut to smooth the transition from the end of the port to the valve seat, the head picked up as much as 6 cfm at.

He produced a set of heads that he was very proud of and handed them back to his customer. Their site can be found here. We did things like a three-angle valve job, back-cut the valves, port and polish the bowls, grind and polish the ports, and finally add new high-flow valves.

They allowed travellers to explore the great outdoors while maintaining the safety and luxury of a cozy home on wheels wherever their journeys took them. I mention stock heads here because I don't recommend hand-porting a set of aftermarket CNC'd heads unless you can't afford a new set.

You see, not only did the out-of-the-box CNC heads beat his ported castings, but they also did so with a 45ccbarometric smaller intake port. Vintage Travel Trailer Specifications. At triple the original width, you'll get a lot more air through it, and you'll feel much more pressure at the other end.

But on a street engine where you're trying to get the best power on a budget, it's kinda tough to perfectly match the ports. Today, cylinder head companies are simply moving the valve angles within the heads, but the intake manifold and rocker arm companies have a tough time keeping up with the varying angles.

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Travel magazine comparison
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